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Eye Exams At Walmart

Walmart Vision Center Eye Exam Cost

Walmart Vision Center Eye Exam Cost

There are many, and I mean many, different eye specialist stores and companies in America, from Walmart Vision Center to Lenscrafters or America’s Best. Each of these centers have different benefits, and will ultimately suit some people better than others. If you are running a tight budget and need to go for a yearly eye exam or have concern for your eyes and want them tested, then I suggest that you may want to look into having your eye exam at your local Walmart Vision Center. Not only are they fairly inexpensive, they also have many vision centers, so getting to one shouldn’t be too hard. By having your eye exam at Walmart, you can save some money, as eye exams can be quite high in price. If you don’t have insurance costs will affect you even more, so you need to get the best bang for your buck.

Cost of Eye Exam

You came here searching for the Walmart Eye Exam Cost. Well I can tell you that if you are just having a simple, ordinary eye exam, you can expect to pay approximately $50. Of course this round figure will differ from store to store and throughout the different Walmart Vision Centers in America. Because each center has their own pricing, I would advise you to check out multiple Walmart Vision Centers around your area to find yourself the one with the lowest cost eye exam. Another option to reduce the cost of the eye exam is to pick up optical insurance, although you should weigh up the costs and benefits first, as it may end up costing you money instead of saving you money.

For a contact lenses eye exam at Walmart, you can expect to pay a little bit more than the $50 you would pay for a regular eye exam. The increase in price from a regular to a contact lens eye exam sits generally between 60% to 100% higher ($80 – $100 all up). Like regular eye exams, the price varies between stores. It is simply up to you to search for the best valued eye exam.

You can save some extra money with your eye exams if you print off and take some Walmart Vision Center Coupons. These coupons allow discounts on a range of services and goods offered by Walmart, so I strongly suggest checking them out.